Launching – January 2024
“Success is not measured by where you stand, but by where you have come to from where you once stood!” – Anonymous

Our Mission

To empower and improved peoples lives through the training of endurance sports. Fostering life long fitness, health,  community and happiness through endurance sport.


Custom Coaching & Programs


Custom Coaching & Programs


Custom Coaching & Programs

About Us

Performance coaching and support for athletes of all levels

– with Professional Athlete, and Coach
Mathilde Bernard

Myself, and our team are passionate about endurance sports. Most of us have been involved in endurance sport of some type for most of our lives. It is our goal to share our passion for Endurance sport with you.

We all have goals, for some of us this may be trying to make Olympic or National teams. For others these goals may be closer to home, first local race, or to improve our health and fitness so we can enjoy life more on a day to day basis.

Regardless of what your goals are, we can assist you from where you are, to your ultimate goal, in a way that is fun, engaging and supportive.

– Mathilde Bernard, Pro Triathlon and Coach

Specialized Services

Swim and Run Bio-mechanical Assessments

Our team includes world-class coaches with years of experience working with form and technique development. They do this through the use of Video Analysis. This can be done either in person if you live close to your coach, or remotely.

This type of work not only lowers your chances of injuries but also improves biomechanical efficiency thus allowing you to go faster on less energy output. Video also allows for these changes to be tracked over time.

Thus, allowing you to track improvements not just in terms of speed but also in terms of technique improvements.

“Your next training program is waiting”

Performance Custom Coaching for Athletes of All Levels

Platinum Custom Coaching

When you are looking to an all-included program package that will allow you to reach your full potential in the least possible time with the lowest possible risks. This package includes advanced program design, data analysis and regular one-to-one coach interaction. Maximizing your potential.

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Gold Custom Coaching

Our Gold level package includes program design and delivery at the same level as our premium coaching. The primary difference is that you may not need as much data analysis or as many one-to-one coach sessions. Ideal for those with training experience and well-defined season goals.

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Silver Custom Coaching

If your goals are beyond that of just a pre-prepared program, then this would be the ideal starting point. This is the ideal program for those athletes looking to get competitive for the first time or who need a program that can be built around a more difficult schedule due to work or family

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8, 12, 16 & 20 Week Plans For Athletes of All Levels


Triathlon Programs

We have plans for events ranging from beginner Sprint Distance Triathlon programs all the way through to Advanced Age Group 140.6 Plans

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Running Programs

No matter the distance, we have got you covered, with plans from 5k to Marathon Plans. Regardless of your ability we have plans to fit the needs of your next racing adventure

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Specialized Plans

Our specialized plans are those that are specifically designed for a particular upcoming event. These plans are designed for the type, distance, terrain and specifics of each event in order to give the best possible results.

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Thank You To Our Sponsors

“It is my commitment to you that our team will provide the best possible coaching and training support, regardless of your level of experience. We are devoted to seeing you achieve your goals in an enjoyable, supportive environment that ensures you not only enjoy your training and racing, but that guarantees you will continue to love the sport as much as we do!”

Mathilde Bernard – Endurance Princess Director, Professional Triathlete & Coach