Custom Coaching

World Class Pre-Planned Programs and Custom Coaching

Our coaching team is world class. It doesn’t matter if your goals are as high as the Olympic games or focused towards your local 5k. No matter what your goals are we have the team to ensure you have the best possible chance of success and exceeding your goals .


Custom Coaching

Fully Custom, Unequaled Support – $325/month** 

You’re a seasoned veteran, Performance Focused Age Group Athlete, or Elite Athlete, and you want it all. You’re looking to qualify for Kona, Nationals, or Worlds. Ideal if you compete as a top age grouper or want to be. 

The primary difference in a plan of this level vs our Gold and Sliver plans is in the level of data analysis and communication with you as an athlete. What most coaches will not tell you that it takes almost the same time to write an advanced elite plan as an age group beginner plan.


Custom Coaching

Customized, Coach Supported – $250/month**

When you have big, clearly defined goals that are within reach then this is the plan for you. Most athletes within our coaching programs find themselves opting for this plan. It offers a great combination of customized coaching with ongoing regular coach support and weekly data analysis. We have had athletes of all level on this plan level with fantastic results. 


Custom Coaching

Customized, Coach Supported – $175/month** 

When you are moving beyond just static or AI generated generated programs and are looking for a great program to prepare you for you next major goal or race then this plan is the ideal choice. This plan puts a real coach in charge of your plan and direct communication at your fingertips. For most athletes we put more than 10 hours a week into our training. Whit this level of commitment why would we trust our development pathway to anything other than a real person.

“It is my commitment to you that our team will provide the best possible coaching and training support, regardless of your level of experience. We are devoted to seeing you achieve your goals in an enjoyable, supportive environment that ensures you not only enjoy your training and racing, but that guarantees you will continue to love the sport as much as we do!”

Mathilde Bernard – Endurance Princess Director, Professional Triathlete & Coach